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This support site is a FREE resource to help all Sage Line 50 users provided by Making I.T. Happen an independent I.T. support company (not Sage PLC)

  Sage 50 Overview This overview outlines the processes and may help you see how you might be able to apply more of the application in your business
  Handy Guides The handy guides cover backing up, importing, linking data into excel and generally making life easier.  
The performance section gives advice on getting line 50 to run faster.
  Forum The forum provides a place where you can ask for, and give help to fellow users. 
  What we do We offer "pay as you go" support

Support services such as report writing and data repair

We offer integration services, to get rid of re-keying data and to link web sites, internal applications, third party applications and service to Sage 50 (and Sage Instant)

Help with accounting

We are also Sage resellers and can supply all your software needs

  Manuals Here are the manuals we have

8 V9 V10 V11 V12 V13 V2007

Having problems?  We offer a range of sage support and sage services

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